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Licensed To Solve is an assessment, consultation, and coaching firm aimed at improving social and emotional development.

Licensed To Solve

Our licensed professionals are dedicated to ensuring a quality and confidential consultation to better understand your immediate concerns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address today’s problems for tomorrow’s solutions. We believe in practical and individualized recommendations for individuals, parents, and public school communities while encouraging solution-based approaches for healthier results.

Our Services

Our services are offered on an individual, parental referral, and school district/county basis. The S-O-L-V-E process has been developed as Licensed To Solve’s systematic approach for assisting clients with different social/emotional concerns. Our primary focus is to help our clients with plausible behavioral solutions. Schedule a confidential 30-minute complimentary consultation with a licensed professional and let us assist with your mental health and behavioral needs.

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How do we do it?

By applying the S-O-L-V-E model, our professionals aim to problem solve a wide range of social-emotional and mental health issues that may be affecting functionality. We have the experience that you’re looking for!

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Are you experiencing trouble managing your mood? Have you had a hard time concentrating or achieving daily functional tasks? Are you experiencing symptoms of nervousness, sadness, or irritation?

LTS is waiting to match you with a qualified licensed professional to assist with mental health and behavioral services. Anxiety, depression, mood and emotional dysregulation, or trauma-related symptoms are some of our specialized areas.

The effects of COVID-19 have caused uncertainty in many areas of our lives.

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Are you concerned about your child’s resilience, problem-solving, coping ability, and adaptation? Our licensed professionals are trained to structurally approach each child’s or adolescent’s unique social-emotional issues related to their education.

Our licensed professionals are trained to approach your child’s unique social-emotional issues structurally. We offer structural interviews, educational records review, appropriate assessment, if necessary, and counseling treatment plans.

Licensed To Solve believes in empowering parents to recognize and respond to your child’s behavioral needs appropriately.

Services for Public School Communities

School districts/counties and officials are vital to the emotional and behavioral development of students.

Licensed To Solve (LTS) seeks to understand and solve all students’ demands, including those that require IEP development. With the increasing demand for mental and emotional support, LTS provides specialized training to provide structured problem-solving techniques for Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

LTS has successfully assisted school campuses in the Texas, Florida, and South Carolina regions and coached and developed elementary, middle, and post-secondary school counselors for group counseling work.LTS utilizes social-emotional curriculums for TIER II and TIER III group counseling intervention: Bounceback, CBIT (Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools), Skillstreaming, and PREPARE.

Furthermore, LTS employs licensed professionals to meet standardized eligibility assessment and educational counseling demands in Florida, South Carolina, and Texas.

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    My Reviews

    Highly recommended!
    November 18, 2020

    Thank you for offering the mental health screeners. Our family used this information as a guide to baseline mental health information. I will be adding this wellness visit annually.

    Better, strong and happy
    November 18, 2020

    When I started working with LTS I was having a difficult time both at work and in my personal life. There were a number of issues I was facing specifically around relationships with people in my life & my confidence.

    A great improvement for my family
    November 10, 2020

    During these difficult times, it has been comforting to call my son’s therapist to discuss his treatment plan progress. I’m seeing more controllable self-regulation.